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Landry Jones NFL Draft stock hurt by Oklahoma QB's inconsistency

Landry Jones should have his best shot at padding his stats today against the Kansas Jayhawks. Unfortunately he's going to need a strong performance as Oklahoma readies for Charlie Weis and company just to turn around his plummeting draft stock as he also looks beyond college to life as a pro quarterback in the NFL.

Jones was once believed to be among the top quarterbacks available coming out for the 2012 NFL Draft. But he never put it together in his junior and decided to come back to college for another go-around. Unfortunately Jones hasn't done much to improve on his inconsistent reputation.

Todd McShay, ESPN's draft analyst, recently took some time out to discuss his take on Jones and the upcoming draft. The end results were not good:

Bottom line is I've never seen a quarterback with his ability and his potential be so inconsistent with his confidence in the pocket. That's the whole thing. I mean, there are times when he gets back there and he gets to the top of his drop. He knows where he wants to go with the ball with his initial reads and he delivers a strike.

But there are a lot of times he gets back there and the defense isn't showing what he expected, and you can just see he gets the happy feet, if you will. He's not comfortable. He drifts inside the pocket. You can almost - it's almost like if you're watching someone experience a panic attack, and that doesn't work.