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Kansas vs. Oklahoma: Dayne Crist, Michael Cummings to split time at quarterback

The Kansas Jayhawks were hoping Dayne Crist and Charlie Weis could work magic from the outset of their first year in Lawrence. They're both learning that things don't quite work out as you hope sometimes, especially when the reclamation project known as Kansas football is so far behind.

Crist himself hasn't been the revelation at quarterback that Kansas fans hoped for. In fact, he's starting to lose time to freshman quarterback Michael Cummings as the season goes on. That will continue tonight against Oklahoma as the Jayhawks look for their first Big 12 victory under Weis.

Quarterbacks coach Ron Powlus says that both quarterbacks will be ready and that they are both going to be team players no matter how things work out.

"For what Dayne's been through and all that, Dayne's a competitor," Powlus said. "He wants to play. He wants to play every play and he doesn't want to come off the field. If he's not on the field, he'll be supportive. He'll be engaged, which he was (against Oklahoma State). Anything other than that, I'd be disappointed if that was the case."

For the sake of success, it will be better if Kansas sticks with one guy. That's a good sign that something is working right, for once, on the field.

If the story after the game is about how both got playing time against Oklahoma, then it will likely be in a losing scenario.