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Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops: Kansas game 'got a little boring'

Last night's blowout victory for the Oklahoma Sooners over the Kansas Jayhawks was obviously a mismatch. Bob Stoops, the Sooners' head coach, didn't mind saying so after the game.

In a move that you rarely see, Stoops took the chance to kick Kansas while they were down by commenting on how "boring" the game was from his perspective.

"Overall, it was a pretty business-like four quarters for us. They didn't come in and do a whole lot," Stoops said. "We just played. It got a little boring, but we just played our base defense most of the night and just played ball."

Boring is one way to put it. After all, a 52-7 final score isn't fun for anyone to watch, but apparently even for the opposing coach who was hoping that his players would see more given the amount that they practiced for.

"We worked on Kansas the whole week," Stoops said. "That's what I told our players. I said, ‘We work Kansas all week.' Obviously, we think they're a formidable opponent."

It's a sad statement for Kansas football and perhaps one of sportsmanship for Oklahoma. Then again, the blowout says all that Stoops really needed to say.