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Kansas vs. Oklahoma 2012: Despite loss, Kansas fans find improvement

The Kansas Jayhawks faced one of the best teams in the country on Saturday in the Oklahoma Sooners, and to the surprise of few, they lost handily. But there are always pluses and minuses to take away.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The Kansas Jayhawks were blown out by the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday, 52-7. They were held off the scoreboard until the final minutes and were outplayed in just about every aspect of the game. But SB Nation's Kansas blog, Rock Chalk Talk was able to look at the loss objectively. Like most games, there were pluses and minuses to take out of this one.

First, the positive, even if it's not much:

Kansas improved in nearly every statistical category last week! Added bonus? We're only last in the league in FIVE categories instead of EVERY SINGLE category!

Improvement is improvement, no matter how small, I guess. Now, the negatives for the 1-6 Jayhawks who remain unable to contend with the Big 12's top teams on the football field:

Looking at the matchups doesn't do a lot of good because Kansas still has work to do in order to be competitive. The positives obviously rest on the defensive side of the ball and in the turnover department. The negatives are the offensive production, passing specifically, and the kicking game.

The defense clearly has some work left to do after allowing 50-plus points for the second time this weekend. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't get much easier coming up. The Jayhawks host Texas next Saturday at noon as they search for their first Big 12 win of the year.