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Texas vs. Kansas 2012: Moral victory for the Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks almost pulled off a quiet upset of the Texas Longhorns Sunday and Rock Chalk Talk has the fans' reactions.


The Kansas Jayhawks nearly came away with a shocking upset at home Saturday afternoon, narrowly falling to the Texas Longhorns, 21-17.

What makes it even more stunning is the fact that they lead with two minutes left despite the fact that the Jayhawks' quarterback, Michael Cummings, only had three completions for 39 yards throughout the entire 60 minutes football game. But with RB James Sims (28 carries, 176 yards) moving the offense just enough, a greatly improved Kansas defense was able to keep the team competitive throughout.

Like most, the fine gentlemen over at Rock Chalk Talk don't believe in moral victories but they couldn't help feeling a little bit encouraged by their team's play Sunday:

"Moral victories are often shrugged off as something that shouldn't be celebrated and yes Texas isn't the same Texas that they were three years ago, but yesterday this Kansas Jayhawk football team was competitive for the sixth time in eight games and the way they played for four quarters really does provide a significant amount of hope as we continue to look toward the future."

Rock Chalk Talk goes on to say that the players deserve "a tip of the hat" as well as the coaches for their "continued progress and improvement."

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