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Dayne Crist discusses Kansas State-Kansas rivalry before Sunflower Showdown

Kansas Jayhawks quarterback Dayne Crist spoke about the upcoming Sunflower Showdown against Kansas State this Saturday.

John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

As the Kansas Jayhawks prepare to go on the road and take on their in-state rival Kansas State in the Sunflower Showdown this Saturday, Jayhawks senior quarterback Dayne Crist spoke about gaining an appreciation for the rivalry on Tuesday.

Here's Crist, in the team's weekly press conference, talking about the team learning the history of the Sunflower Showdown:

"I think that meeting on Sunday, especially during our bye week, was good to cover some new stuff in terms of personnel and what this rivalry means to both schools. I took a lot away from that; this is my first experience with this rivalry and we just went in depth with a ton of details and why this game is so important."

"We covered (the history) dating back to the first game and big events that have taken place since then, how the trophy has changed, records there and here," Crist continued to say. "A lot of stuff. But I enjoyed that and I think that it was going back to stress the importance of this game and what this rivalry should mean for us and why our mindset has to be the way it has to be this week."

The Wildcats host the Jayhawks at 11 a.m. CT at Bill Snyder Stadium.