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Charlie Weis refuses to speak on Notre Dame's success

The Kansas coach has turned down all interview requests about his former team, choosing instead to issue a press release.

Cooper Neill

In the world of college football, Lawrence, Kansas is far, far away from South Bend, Indiana.

So while his former school is preparing for a berth in the BCS title game, Jayhawks coach Charlie Weis has steadfastly refused to comment on them. Instead, Kansas issued this press release on his behalf:

"Coach Kelly, his staff and of course the players, have done a great job to achieve their 12-0 record and No. 1 standing. I have personal relationships with several of the older players and will always support them. Though we recruited them to Notre Dame, they have reached their goal together under Coach Kelly's guidance. I believe that I should not be speaking of their success as if I were still the head coach. People all want to take credit when things go well! I simply want to wish them good luck."

"To avoid becoming a distraction, please accept this statement as the last thing I will have to say on this matter."

Weis is a notoriously prickly interview subject, so perhaps it's for the best. Indeed, you can make the argument that lot of the trouble he got into at Notre Dame was because of his contentious relationship with the media.

But while he hasn't publicly talked about the success of his former players, including Notre Dame Heisman hopeful Manti Te'o, you can bet that it comes up frequently when he's visiting with recruits.