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Kansas vs. Baylor 2012: Jayhawk offense sputters in 2nd half

Kansas is still winless in the Big 12 after another conference blowout loss.


The Kansas Jayhawks remain winless in the Big 12 after a 41-14 drubbing by Baylor in Week 10. Charlie Weis and the Jayhawk offense kept matters close through the first half in Waco, but the much-maligned Baylor defense shutout Kansas in the second half to clinch the easy win. Under Art Briles, Baylor continues to possess one of the best offenses in the country, but their defense has repeatedly let them down this season. Owen of Rock Chalk Talk discussed the Kansas offensive struggles against Baylor, and targets the wide receivers as one position group that simply is not cutting it:

Athletes on offense, Kansas just doesn't have them. Specifically Kansas is really bad at the wideout position. Kale Pick is our most reliable player and he isn't getting separation, he's making plays because he plays with some heart. Opposing defenses aren't respecting our wideouts, our wideouts aren't making plays and while quarterback has been an issue, this position desperately needs an upgrade. If Baylor was one of the more athletic wideout groups in the league, we're easily the least.

He also analyzed the play of young quarterback Michael Cummings, who needs to pick it up under center:

Cummings is doing some good things and he at least provides some mobility, but whether it's him or the wideouts, the passing offense still isn't something that we can rely on at all. He's only a redshirt freshman so I wouldn't write him off, but the Cummings that is on the field today needs some work when it comes to running this offense.

It won't get any easier for the Jayhawks in their final three games, with a home date against Iowa State serving as the best shot for a conference win. Kansas will stay on the road in Week 11, returning to Texas for game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lubbock.