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Kansas vs. Baylor: Charlie Weis discusses Michael Cummings' play

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Charlie Weis spoke about his decision to remove QB Michael Cummings from Kansas' loss to the Baylor Bears on Saturday.

Cooper Neill

Kansas Jayhawks head football coach Charlie Weis didn't want to take starting quarterback Michael Cummings out of Saturday's loss to Baylor -- but the head coach felt like he had to.

Weis talked about his decision to pull Cummings after the game, and Weis' decision seemed to be rooted in Cummings' poor body language.

"When I took Michael out was after he got flustered on the sack and then threw the interception. When he came off the field he had that look in his face like it was time to go to the bullpen. Michael would never ask to be taken out of the game, but he had that look like it was time to go to the bullpen. If you have been around the business enough you can just look in a guy's face and know that it was that time."

Cummings finished the day just 9 of 19 passing for 81 yards and two interceptions, against a Baylor defense that ranks 117th in points per game, giving up 39.1 points per contest.

On the 2012 season, Cummings is just 29 of 63 passing for 318 yards. Cummings has thrown one touchdown against four interceptions, and has been sacked eight times. The freshman quarterback has certainly struggled, but the experience should help Cummings develop as a quarterback.

Weis will get another look at his freshman quarterback on Saturday, when the Jayhawks, still in search of their first Big 12 win this year, head to Texas to take on the Texas Tech Raiders.