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2013 Fiesta Bowl: Chip Kelly not letting NFL openings distract his team

Chip Kelly's name is out there for several NFL jobs.

Stephen Dunn

Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly has become the poster child for college coaches as candidates for NFL jobs over the past few years—his name seems to appear at least somewhere in virtually any high-profile NFL coaching search—and this season is no different.

A few NFL teams are reportedly interested in Kelly's services already. But Kelly has maintained his composure, saying he's focusing on Thursday's Fiesta Bowl against the Kansas State Wildcats.

According to the Associated Press, Kelly has fielded questions about the NFL each day since arriving in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl.

And according to the AP, Kelly's deflection each day has been a variation of the same general message. For instance:

"I've got a game to play," Kelly said during the Fiesta Bowl's media day on Monday. "We're playing in the Fiesta Bowl. That's the biggest thing in my life. If I allowed other things to get into my life, then they would be distractions, but there aren't. Our focus 100 percent is on the Fiesta Bowl."

Seven NFL head coaching gigs opened Monday.

The Ducks kick off against Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. CT on ESPN.