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Who Will Start At QB When Kansas State Visits Kansas?

It appears like it'll be Carson Coffman starting at QB for the Kansas State Wildcats on Thursday against Kansas. He's 4-1 on the season but folks haven't exactly been impressed with his play. He was replaced last week against Nebraska for a time.

Via Tully Corcoran Topeka Capital Journal, here's what Turner Gill said:

"I don't think it matters a whole lot," KU head coach Gill said. "They're gonna do what they do. It may cause the quarterback to run a little bit more. With the little bit of background that I'm gaining and the Klein guy possibly playing, it's not gonna do a whole lot for us in out scheme and what we're trying to do."

It does matter but I think Gill's point is that you can either play the guy who has experience and is struggling (Coffman) or play one of the two backups. Samuel Lamur tops the backups with three pass attempts.

Does it really matter who will play? Yeah it matters but I'm not sure it'll be Coffman. Kansas State is 4-1 with him and to go against a lesser opponent with a new quarterback doesn't make sense -- but have you seen him play?

Coffman starting would be good news for KU's defense.