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Josh Selby Meets KU Media, Answers Sherron Collins Questions

On Tuesday the Kansas Jayhawks basketball players gathered for media day to talk about the upcoming season, new uniforms and all things KU basketball.

For Josh Selby, there were questions. Lots of 'em. There's no update on what his status is at the moment but he's practicing with the team and plans to play in Late Night at the Phog on Friday.

He also had to answer a question he'll get often -- comparing himself to Sherron Collins.

KU head coach Bill Self said Collins gave the Jayhawks plenty of personality. I think right off the bat it wouldn't be fair to ask Selby to do the same.

Via the Lawrence Journal World:

"I don’t feel like I have to be the next Sherron because the fans just want to win and that's all I’m here for, to win with my team," Selby said.

If he wins, like Collins did, then in a couple years we'll be talking about a recruit as the next Selby. If he doesn't then he'll be getting a lot more Collins comparisons.