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Turner Gill Says Kansas Needs 'Three Or More' Turnovers Against Kansas State

Through five games Kansas State QB Carson Coffman has thrown three interceptions.

On Thursday, Kansas will need him to throw another three. At least.

Kansas head coach Turner Gill talked to reporters this week and said KU needs "three or more" turnovers against Kansas State.

Something that is really important for us to get done is that we must create turnovers. We need to get three turnovers. Whether it's our defense causing turnovers or our special teams, we must get three or more turnovers in the game.

For as much grief as KU gets their defense hasn't been too bad in certain situation. Of course, I say that after the game Baylor puts up 55 points on them. But at times they've shown they can be a solid group, particularly the run defense.

But asking for three turnovers is a lot. Unfortunately, to compete in this game, I think Gill is right that they'll need three turnovers.

We'll see on Thursday night. In the meantime, check out Rock Chalk Talk for all things KU football.