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Kansas State vs. Kansas: Bill Snyder Says Carson Coffman Likely Starting QB

No one is quite sure who will start at quarterback for Kansas State but speaking to the media on Tuesday in preparation for Thursday night's game against Kansas, K-State head coach Bill Snyder suggested it would be Carson Coffman.

"There is not a 1-2-3," Snyder said at Tuesday’s presser in Manhattan. "I indicated earlier in the week that Carson is taking the snaps with the number ones right now. I would imagine that when we get to game time, it will probably be the way that we will end up going. And he is taking the No. 1 snaps because he is doing the best job, not that the other two are doing poorly. It is what it is. We still have a little time. We have a practice this afternoon, but in all likelihood, Carson will be our starter."

He's 4-1 as a starter even if not all those were legitimate opponents. The feeling is that Coffman gives K-State the best chance not to lose. And that may be how KSU is viewing this game. They probably feel they're better than KU so as long as they don't make those killer mistakes, they'll be able to come out of Memorial Stadium with a victory.

K-State has other options that, frankly, are better than Coffman. But those other options also bring with it inexperience and the risk of turnover. That's something K-State will avoid like the plague.