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Kansas State vs. Kansas: How Does KU Let This Happen After The Bye Week?

How does this happen after the bye week?

Let me explain. Kansas was on their bye last weekend which means they've had nearly two weeks to prepare for this game. For almost two weeks, it's been all Kansas State.

And then they start like this? It's 45-0 in the third quarter.

For some perspective, Kansas State was a 2.5 point favorite.

Two weeks ago Kansas was embarrassed against Baylor, 55-7. Some thought that would motivate them into a solid start against Kansas State.

Apparently not.

The blame lies at the feet of Turner Gill. If you are this outmatched, it has to be a coaching thing. Bill Snyder vs. Turner Gill was not close tonight. After a bye week is when you are supposed to be prepared the most.

A home game. Your rival. Coming off a bye week.

....45-0 in the third quarter.

This is a very, very disappointing night for KU.