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Kansas Takes Significant Step Back In Embarrassing Blowout To Kansas State

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Kansas had an embarrassing 59-7 loss to Kansas State on Thursday. Check out Rock Chalk Talk to see what KU fans are saying about the game and Bring On The Cats to see what KSU fans have to say.

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The Kansas Jayhawks failed to notch their 65th lifetime victory in 108 tries against the Kansas State Wildcats on Thursday night.

For Kansas State, it was a get-back-on-track game and for KU.... was awful.


There really isn't a whole lot of good coming from this game. KU has gone loss-win-loss-win-loss through the first five games of the season. No. 6 was supposed to be a win. Unfortunately for KU, the Wildcats have a lot of bragging rights for the rest of the year.

It's disappointing on a number of levels for KU. Mostly because I thought they were past these types of games. It seems that the Turner Gill era has stunted the growth of the football team and moved them back in the process a few years.

Here are the last seven results from these two teams. The first game on the list is the final Kansas State victory during their 10-plus year winning streak from 1993-2003.

October 25, 2003 Manhattan Kansas State 42 Kansas 6 KU 60-36-5 51,614
October 9, 2004 Lawrence Kansas 31 Kansas State 28 KU 61-36-5 50,152
October 8, 2005 Manhattan Kansas State 12 Kansas 3 KU 61-37-5 49,798
November 18, 2006 Lawrence Kansas 39 Kansas State 20 KU 62-37-5 47,933
October 7, 2007 Manhattan Kansas 30 (#24) Kansas State 24 KU 63-37-5 50,924
November 1, 2008 Lawrence Kansas 52 Kansas State 21 KU 64-37-5 52,230
November 7, 2009 Manhattan Kansas State 17 Kansas 10 KU 64-38-5 48,306

As you can tell, Kansas wasn't the football pushover it used to be. They were supposed to be past these 50-plus stompings. The Turner Gill era has apparently brought them back there.

What makes this particularly disappointing is that Kansas had nearly two weeks to prepare.

They last played Oct. 2 against Baylor. It's Oct. 14 and they are, once again, getting embarrassed. Just because you'er new, or just because you're young doesn't mean you're not talented. Getting beaten by scores like 55-7 to Baylor and 59-7 to Kansas State.

It should be unacceptable, whether you're new or not.

The thing seems that a lot of us could see it coming from the beginning with the quarterback competition late into the offseason, the quarterback switch, the inconsistency. It's like it's all being capped off by a 48-point beating courtesy of Baylor and then the embarrassment that is the 2010 KSU game.