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Lew Perkins, Dan Beebe Make An Appearance At Kansas State, Kansas Game

We haven't heard a whole lot from Lew Perkins since he abruptly announced his retirement from Kansas on Sept. 7.

Dan Beebe is the Big 12 Commissioner and his name was brought into the news often with the conference expansion talk over the summer.

Here's a quick time line of the Lew Perkins and Dan Beebe sightings via Twitter:

Alan Shope of KCTV 5:

A Lew Perkins sighting in Lawrence, Justin and I saw him sneeking in a back elevator.

Tully Corcoran of the Topeka Capital Journal:

Lew Perkins is in the press box.

Sam Mellinger of the KC Star:

Lew Perkins and Dan Beebe are both here at KU Kstate.

It sounds like Perkins still goes to various Kansas athletic events even though he's retired.

That was a pretty big game for KU. Too bad they blew it.