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Kansas State vs. Kansas: Turner Gill's Pregame Goals Fall Short

This week Kansas Jayhawks head coach Turner Gill laid a few expectations for his team against Kansas State.

Gill did what very few coaches do -- he actually gave us some numbers to back up what he was saying. Gill said the Jayhawks need to create three turnovers, turn it over one or less times and score 28 points on offense, among others.

So how did KU do with those goals?

Defense: Create three turnovers

Failed. They created just one on a fumble. The defense was part of the problem from about the second quarter on.

Offense: Turn it over one or less times

Failed. They turned it over three times. I agree with Gill that taking turnovers out of the equation is a must with this Kansas team. They simply can't overcome mistakes like that. The offense isn't good enough to play a mistake-filled game.

Offense: Score 28 points

Failed. A lofty goal but way short. The offense had nothing going against Kansas State.