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What Are People Saying About Kansas State's 59-7 Victory Over Kansas?

Here's what people are saying about Kansas State's 59-7 blowout victory over Kansas.

Sam Mellinger of the KC Star:

So, here’s what we’ve seen: a team that’s quit two games in a row during shameful losses to middle-of-the-road programs. The Jayhawks have been terribly prepared, too, crystallized by three mental-error penalties that killed their first two drives of a game against a rival.

Mark Mangino wasn’t liked by many of his players, but his teams always played hard. Just halfway through Gill’s first season, and already that’s not true — a glaring indictment for a coach in need of his players’ love.

Tom Keegan of the Topeka Capital Journal:

For the past eight seasons, Kansas University had a fat football coach. This season, the Jayhawks have too many fat players. So far, given the choice, I’ll take the fat coach.

Kellis Robinett of the KC Star:

Not since the glory days of Snyder’s first run with the Wildcats — when they won five in a row in Lawrence and 11 straight overall in the series during 1993-2003 — did K-State last look as dominant as it did while thumping the Jayhawks in front of 47,561 fans.

Matt Tait of

Kansas’ loss to Kansas State on Thursday night was KU’s second-worst defeat in the 108-game history of the Sunflower Showdown.

KU’s worst loss to Kansas State, which also took place in Lawrence, was a 64-0 beating in 2002. That year’s Jayhawks finished 2-10.

J. Brady McCollough of the KC Star:

Not very good is an understatement, even for the ultra-positive Gill. KU is 2-4 and looks as if it could be on the way to 2-10, the same record that former Kansas coach Mark Mangino had during his first season in 2002. But after going 12-1, winning the 2008 Orange Bowl and moving into a state-of-the-art practice facility, the Jayhawks thought they were past the days of football futility in Lawrence.

Tully Corcoran of the Topeka Capital Journal:


Well, that's 114-14, now, in two Big 12 games, those being against Kansas State and Baylor. So KU is off to as bad a start as it could be off to, and the tough part of the schedule is upcoming.

KU got outcoached on Thursday, looking confused and unprepared along the way.

Grade: F

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