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Lew Perkins Faces Ethics Complaint Stemming From Exercise Equipment Incident

Former Kansas AD Lew Perkins faces an ethics complaint stemming from an incident in which Perkins is alleged to have accepted athletic equipment from Medical Outfitters at no cost. The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission will hold a public hearing on Nov. 16.

Perkins is alleged to have received exercise equipment from the company at no cost violating the ban on gifts to state officials. Perkins later paid $5,000 for the equipment.

Kansas held an internal review of this incident a few months ago and found no wrongdoing on Perkins' part.

Hummert and Humphrey reviewed seating records and interviewed Kansas athletics staff and others about the claim of an exchange. They determined that Medical Outfitters had made an in-kind contribution to Kansas Athletics - not to Perkins - of a whirlpool for use by the athletics department. The school said the gift was inadvertently not credited to Medical Outfitters co-owner Patrick Carpenter's priority points account for the 2004-05 season. When that was rectified the following season, Carpenter's seats understandably improved.

We'll get more details from the hearing on Nov. 16.