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KU Football's Consistent Inconsistencies Continue In Baylor Blowout

After this latest KU football game -- a 55-7 beat down in Waco, TX against Baylor -- I'm starting to wonder how KU can have such mental lapses and how they can be so inconsistent.

How do you go from losing to NDSU, then beating Georgia Tech, then getting blown out by Baylor? Whether you're good or bad, at least be consistent.

Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk summed it up, I think, nicely after the "Waco whopping."

Believe, work hard, stay positive and talk execution all you want, those things just aren't happening for the Jayhawks. There are a few players on the field every Saturday who seem to have the fight and the talent to compete in the Big 12, but there don't seem to be enough.

Maybe it's just that simple. There isn't enough...talent.

I think that's where the coach comes into play and anytime you're playing a school with whom you're supposed to be at least competitive and you're blown out. Either Turner Gill isn't doing something right or the KU players aren't responding to him.