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KU Football Takes A Hit After Baylor Loss Judging By Fan Reactions

KU football had one of those embarrassingly bad losses to Baylor on Saturday, 55-7.

I think most fans figured it would be a tough year but this seems to go beyond worst-case scenario expectations.

I think one particular comment on the post-game talk at Rock Chalk Talk sums it up: "We were supposed to be permanently beyond the days where fucking Baylor could have easily dropped 70 on us."

That's about right.

Here's a sampling of the fan reaction to KU's 55-7 loss to Baylor over at Rock Chalk Talk:

If Turner’s postgame comments are all about what a tremendous team Baylor is and that we just need to fix a couple of execution problems, I am going to puke.

55-7 loss isn’t about execution.

I don't know what Gill can say but he needs to find something different... A loss like this to Baylor doesn’t help at all. Baylor’s far from the top third in the conference and they just treated the team like a D1AA tune up squad from the way it sounds.

Hop on over to Rock Chalk Talk for the full reaction.