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Texas A&M vs. Kansas: Mike Sherman, Turner Gill Are Reunited

Five years ago Mike Sherman was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. His director of player development was none other than Turner Gill.

Sherman, now the head coach at Texas A&M, talked this week about his decision to hire Gill onto his staff. Via

"More than anything else, (I remember) his character as a person," Sherman said of what impressed him about Gill. "I mean, you knew what you were getting. He was just somebody that you had tremendous trust and confidence in. The coaches and the players believed in him, and he was just a man that was true to his word and had a tireless work ethic."

The Kansas Jayhawks players may believe in Gill but he has a long way to go to convince everyone else. Kansas' slow start has caused more stories to include "Turner Gill" and "hot seat", however accurate or inaccurate that may be.

Gill is nearly a two touchdown underdog against his former boss this weekend.