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Rumor Mill Pointing To Colorado AD Mike Bohn As Candidate For Kansas AD Job

I didn't think we'd hear a whole lot of rumors about the next Kansas athletic director and I've been correct to an extent. There haven't been a whole lot of rumors since Lew Perkins announced his retirement effective immediately on Oct. 7.

The rumor making the rounds these days involves Colorado AD Mike Bohn. From what I can tell the first in-print mention of this possibility -- and it's simply speculation -- came from Kyle Ringo of the Boulder Daily Camera.

Bohn to Kansas was a hot topic of conversation in the Missouri and Kansas State press boxes during football games last weekend. It`s the rumor du jour and it`s beginning to sound a lot like those early rumors back in late 2004 that CU might be looking at a promising athletic director at San Diego State who had grown up in Boulder. The school hired Mike Bohn four months later.

That seems to make sense. The issue was brought up again when Kevin Haskins of the Topeka Capital-Journal wrote the following on Oct. 19:

Some who follow CU are fearful that athletic director Mike Bohn won't be moving on to the Pac-10 (or 12), but instead will land at Kansas as its new AD.

Interesting. The connection laid out by Ringo in the first story seems to make a lot of sense. There are definitely dots you can connect. Alas, we're likely a couple of months away from any sort of decision. Kansas has indicated that a new AD could be announced before the end of the year to the middle of the spring semester.