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Josh Selby Situation Hasn't Been A Distraction, KU Basketball Coach Bill Self Says

Josh Selby has yet to be cleared by the NCAA to play in 2010. But he is practicing with the Kansas Jayhawks and it appears that all sides -- including the Big 12 who named him preseason freshman of the year -- expect him to suit up for the Jayhawks this year.

While they're waiting, KU head coach Bill Self said at the Big 12 Media Days on Thursday that they knew what they were getting into with Selby and it hasn't been a distraction.

It hasn't been a distraction for our team. He has practiced every day. He is involved every day. He does the same thing everybody else does every day. So it hasn't been a distraction.

As for his eligibility, Self says he's confident it'll come.

It hasn't come as a shock to us. I do believe that we're hopefully going to have some answers sooner rather than later, but I'm still confident that he'll be in uniform. I hope that to be the case.