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Former Jayhawks Paul Pierce, Mario Chalmers Open 2010 NBA Season

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The NBA season kicked off this week so here's a refresher of the NBA players that come from KU, KSU and Mizzou.

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The 2010 NBA season has begun. Like many others I chose to watch the Boston Celtics beat up on the Miami Heat 88-80 in the season opener. There were a few familiar names taking part in that game -- for Kansas City folks, at least. Those include Mario Chalmers and Paul Pierce from Kansas, which may be two of the most memorable Jayhawks.

Chalmers didn't play while Pierce put up 19 points and nine rebounds against the Heat.

If you choose to root for the players from Missouri, Kansas or Kansas State then you can just about find a game every night with some sort of rooting interest.

There are 12 players from Kansas, three from Kansas State and three from Missouri.

Here's a list of players in the NBA from those three schools. Kansas obviously leads the long list.

Aldrich, Cole Oklahoma City Thunder Kansas
Arthur, Darrell Memphis Grizzlies Kansas
Chalmers, Mario Miami Heat Kansas
Collins, Sherron Charlotte Bobcats Kansas
Collison, Nick Oklahoma City Thunder Kansas
Gooden, Drew Milwaukee Bucks Kansas
Henry, Xavier Memphis Grizzlies Kansas
Hinrich, Kirk Washington Wizards Kansas
Jackson, Darnell Sacramento Kings Kansas
Pierce, Paul Boston Celtics Kansas
Rush, Brandon Indiana Pacers Kansas
Wright, Julian Toronto Raptors Kansas


Carroll, DeMarre Memphis Grizzlies Missouri
Dooling, Keyon Milwaukee Bucks Missouri
Kleiza, Linas Toronto Raptors Missouri


Beasley, Michael Minnesota Timberwolves Kansas State
Martin, Cartier Washington Wizards Kansas State
Walker, Bill New York Knicks Kansas State