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Kansas vs. Iowa State: What Does Third QB Quinn Mecham Bring To The Table?

So...Quinn Mecham, huh? It looks like he'll be the man on Saturday as the Kansas Jayhawks take on the Iowa State Cyclones. Mecham likely gets the nod because starting QB Jordan Webb has a shoulder injury and backup QB Kale Pick has already been ruled out after suffering a concussion last week.

Mecham is a JUCO QB but we're not sure what he brings to the table. Neither is Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk.

Quite frankly we have no clue what he brings to the table.  The fact is he was never even mentioned during the preseason as an option in what was considered a wide open QB competition so that certainly doesn't sound like a player that we should be expecting much from.  Another indication might be the fact that Kansas readily implemented the wildcat last week with a receiver taking the snap rather than put Meecham in the game when the second QB initially went down.  Not a good sign if you ask me.  Maybe he'll surprise us but for me this just means a bad offense got a whole lot worse.

Great points by Kemp figuring out the coaching staff's faith in Mecham, which isn't much. If you thought the Jayhawks offense was bad before this may take it to another level. It's not so much about Mecham because, again, we don't know what he brings. But it's more about a QB getting one week of prep time to play against a conference opponent.

KU might be in trouble again.

Check out Kemp's five-part interview on Clone Chronicles about the game this weekend.