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College Basketball AP Poll: Duke At Top; Kansas State Gets 1st Place Votes

The AP poll for the preseason college basketball rankings are out. The coaches poll has already been released.

Defending champion Duke sits at the top of the AP poll following by Michigan State and two-first-place vote-getter Kansas State. Not bad for KSU at all, huh? They're the preseason Big 12 champions.

Kansas falls in line at No. 7 while Mizzou lands at No. 15.

There's a lot to like in college basketball this year. Those rivalry games between Kansas and Kansas State as well as Kansas and Missouri will now have major consequences as all three teams are highly ranked and expected to do well.

Here's the preseason college basketball Coaches poll.

Here's the full college basketball AP poll:

No. School
1 Duke (55)
2 Michigan State (8)
3 Kansas State (2)
4 Ohio State
5 Pittsburgh
6 Villanova
7 Kansas
8 North Carolina
9 Florida
10 Syracuse
11 Kentucky
12 Gonzaga
13 Illinois
14 Purdue
15 Missouri
16 Baylor
17 Butler
18 Washington
19 Memphis
20 Georgetown
21 Virginia Tech
22 Temple
23 Tennessee
24 Brigham Young
25 San Diego State