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Josh Selby Not Expected To Be Cleared By Kansas Season Opener

Kansas Jayhawks freshman Josh Selby is practicing with his teammates but has yet to be completely cleared by the NCAA to play. Reports surfaced this week that the NCAA was focusing on Selby's academics but that's not the case, according to head coach Bill Self.

"Josh's status for competition hasn't changed.  While he has met NCAA academic requirements to be on aid, practice and compete this year, we continue to work with the NCAA as we review his amateur status.  We will not play Josh in games until that process is complete and a decision is rendered."

The question marks reportedly include his relationship with Robert "Bay" Frazier, a business associate of Carmelo Anthony's.

"We support and respect the process, and hope that it is over sooner rather than later.  But we don't expect a decision on this before the regular season begins. We will not comment further until the process is complete."

The newsy item out of all this is that Self doesn't expect him to be ready for the start of the season. That's information we haven't heard from him to this point so there's been some sort of dialogue about that. The Jayhawks regular season kicks off on Nov. 12 after a pair of exhibition games.

So how will this affect KU?

I think Selby was expected to be one of the better players on the team (and in the conference) so of course it can't help them. KU's schedule starts to heat up in the last month of November when they face teams like UCLA and Memphis. You'd like to see a decision one way or the other before then but this thing could be dragged out for a while.