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Turner Gill Explains KU Football's 48-Point Loss To Baylor

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KU's head coach addressed reporters on Saturday after the 48-point blowout to Baylor.

Head coach Turner Gill and the Kansas Jayhawks football team are now 2-3 after KU was blown out against Baylor on Saturday, 55-7.

When you see a lopsided score like that -- Baylor had never in their history beaten a conference opponent so bad -- you know there are multiple facets of the football program that need to be reviewed.

For that, you look to Turner Gil.

After Saturday's loss to Baylor, Gill said the game was disappointing.

"Disappointed. Obviously not a very good job by us as a coaching staff. Great job by Baylor, their staff and their players. They played an outstanding football game. We just couldn't get anything going. You can't turn the ball over and we missed too many tackles. "

Even the missed tackles wouldn't have mattered at that point. When you turn the ball over four times and your opponent doesn't turn it over at all, the odds are seriously stacked against you.

Here are a few highlights of what Gill said after the game regarding the blowout:

Missed tackles. Missed execution of what they need to do and all those things on defense.

You have to be able to create some turnovers.

I think they just played better than we did.

We just seemed a step too slow on offense and defense.

Pretty much the whole boat.

Gill said QB Jordan Webb struggled (16-of-28, 2 INTs) with some of his reads but I don't think a 48-point loss falls squarely on the quarter. Gill says it was as if there would be some sort of unforced error or a turnover once they got a rhythm on offense.

I think overall our defense has played fairly well this season. This was the one game I thought they didn't play very well.

(Editor's note: They did hold North Dakota State to six points.)

The offense scoring just seven points was what lost the game but 55 points on top of that was another dagger. Both sides of the ball were miserable.

The last time KU suffered a bad loss like this was in Week 1 against NDSU. The next week they surprised everyone by upsetting ranked Georgia Tech at the time.

So...on Thursday night, Oct. 14, how will KU respond against K-State?

I guess we'll find out when we play the next game and see how our guys respond. I know our staff will get the guys ready to go.