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Fans Say KU Football May Top Out At 4 Wins In 2010

Over at Rock Chalk Talk, they've running a round table and one of the questions is:

How many wins will KU football have in 2010?

They're currently 2-3. You can view the entire schedule here. I'm having a hard time coming up with more than two, maybe three, wins left on the roster.

Those in the round table said five (is attainable), four and four while one said there were three maybe games left on the schedule and another said just no more blowouts.

Unanimously, though, they said they just want to see the team compete for 60 minutes and not get blown out by 48 points to a conference opponent (lookin' at you, Baylor).

A good start for KU would be a HUGE victory over Kansas State next week. The game is in Lawrence, it's on Thursday night and the Wildcats will be coming off of another big Thursday night game against Nebraska.

I'm not ready to give any more season long predictions on the Jayhawks because they've been so incredibly inconsistent but next Thursday's game against KSU will tell me a lot about this team.