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Kansas Jayhawks AD Search Moving Along With Many Interested Parties

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The Kansas Jayhawks athletic director's search committee continues on. Lew Perkins abruptly left the University last month and since then a search committee has been established a time frame of the middle of the spring semester has been set.

Ray Evans, chairman of the AD search committee, talked with Tom Keegan of the Lawrence Journal World Wednesday night and said it's a delight to take part in the process because people are talking highly of Kansas in the process.

"I’m embarrassed to tell you how much fun it is," Evans said of the search. "Just when you think you have pared down your list, you hear from others. Just today, I talked to someone calling on behalf of two very impressive people. We’re glad to have that problem."

Evans indicated that it's possible the search is completed before the end of December.

Kansas should be a highly sought after job. The football facilities are new, the basketball program is elite and there's still room for growth. KU is still doing well despite the football program being down -- that's the sign of a good athletic program. And to think, if or once that football program gets going, they'll be even better.

This will be a very competitive search for the committee.