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Kansas Jayhawks Football And Basketball News 10/9

Here's your Kansas Jayhawks football and basketball news of the day.

Bill Self wraps up basketball boot camp one day early. Bill Self wrapped up KU's basketball boot camp a day early because, he says, the players did so well. There's not much notable news other than a reminder that Josh Selby is indeed practicing with the team. "Josh (Selby) was fighting asthma and bronchitis. He finished great. He is in the best shape of his life," Self said of Selby's practice.

The Believe Mantra. Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk has a pretty good look at Turner Gill and the believe mantra. It's getting hard to preach faith in the system when the system has a .400 winning percentage in his first season as head coach.

Lots of interest in the KU AD job. I've heard from folks and via recent news reports that there's quite a bit of interest in the Kansas athletic director's job. Some rumors have been going around but no one has come up with any sort of definitive short list of the candidates. Those associated with KU have said the interest has been high and they hope to have the search completed by early 2011. Lew Perkins may have had some questionable actions but he turned the financial parts of that athletic program completely around and I think it's among the elite jobs in the country.

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