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Kansas Jayhawks Vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers: Turner Gill Misses Motivational Opportunity

Turner Gill has been telling folks this week is not about him. The former Nebraska QB, now the head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks, is heading back to Lincoln one more time. The story this week has been multiple parts: KU's crazy come back against Colorado and how they can use that momentum against Nebraska, Nebraska's dominating defense and then Turner Gill's homecoming.

Via Topeka Capital Journal:

"The game is not about me," Gill said Tuesday. "It is about the players, and that is the truth of it all."

These are the same players that, down 45-17 against Colorado last week, fought for him to create an incredible comeback. KU had lost four in a row at that point and the pressure was slowly mounting. Yet the players found it in them to turn it around last week against Colorado.

Clearly some of them had to be fighting for Gill. He should be using that same motivation as they head to Nebraska. Tell his players that this is his former alma mater, and he wants to beat the crap out of them. Why not do that? It's A.) true and B.) a way to get his players fired up.

I wouldn't suggest that if seniors like Angus Quigley hadn't clearly demonstrated to us that they're willing to fight for Gill. He's struck an emotional chord with some of these guys and he should have played up the angle that he's facing his alma mater and wants to beat them.

Because, let's face it, KU needs all the motivation they can get in this game.

I'm not in that locker room, and on that practice field so I can't tell you if this would have worked but I do think Gill shouldn't have ignored the circumstances completely.