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Kansas Jayhawks Vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers: What They're Saying About KU's Loss

The Nebraska Cornhuskers beat the Kansas Jayhawks on Saturday, 20-3. Here's what people are saying about the game:

NE - NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Blackshirts Smother Kansas
"I don't think I've been a part of holding a team to less than 100 yards," Pelini said. "I don't think any of us have. It's a pretty unique accomplishment...we were spot on today. I can't think of a mistake we made."

NU undaunted by KU’s wrinkles |
"It was obviously new, trying to confuse our guys, and (our guys) did a good job with it and adapted to it," Pelini said. "Obviously, 87 yards later, who knows? Maybe it wasn’t the greatest plan in the world they had."

Matt Tait's KU football notebook |
Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne, Gill’s former coach, tried twice to catch him before the game but never did. Gill and Osborne did speak on the phone briefly. "He just wished me success today," Gill said. "And (he told me to) keep on moving forward. He’s there for me."

Kansas Jayhawks vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers - Recap - November 13, 2010 - ESPN
The Huskers' defense dominated Kansas (3-7, 1-5), which was coming off a historic 28-point, fourth-quarter comeback to beat Colorado last week. A week after gaining 453 yards, Kansas managed just 87 yards and five first downs. Quinn Mecham was sacked six times. "Front to back we executed well and tackled well," Pelini said. "I thought it was a really solid performance. You don't hold somebody under 100 yards without playing good football."

Final Kansas-Nebraska Act | Campus Corner
This has never been a competitive series. I'll do more checking on this, but Nebraska’s 90 victories have to be most by one school over another in major college annals. The Huskers’ once owned a 36-game winning streak over the Jayhawks and haven’t lost to KU at home since 1968.

No O in KU loss |
KU's five first downs were its fewest in 13 years, the 89 total yards the fewest in nine. The Jayhawks had 15 passing yards on 11 attempts and quarterback Quinn Mecham was sacked five times. The offensive performance started bad and slid to hopelessness.

Curt McKeever: It was a bit awkward for Turner Gill
Saturday was a bit awkward for Turner Gill -- not in the same sense as the first time he introduced himself to Nebraska football fans 29 years ago, but awkward nonetheless. Saturday morning, Gill stayed at the Kansas hotel as the Jayhawks did a walkthrough at Memorial Stadium. Too many potential distractions, maybe. Hours later, the Jayhawks took the field with the same mind-set as their coach.