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Just How High Is The Ceiling For Kansas Jayhawks Basketball?

The Kansas Jayhawks looked sharp in their 79-44 victory over the Valparaiso Crusaders. How much can you really tell from a nonconference the Jayhawks were expected to win big in? Maybe not a whole lot but KU has the right combination of players with the improving guard play and of course the Morris twins.

Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk is wondering...just how good is this team?

Now many will point to an early season nonconference game as something that should be taken with a grain of salt.  Maybe that's true, but right now the Jayhawks look like a team that could have a higher ceiling than the group a year ago. For those counting, that's the group a year ago that had two lottery picks and the winningest Jayhawk in history who also happens to be playing in the NBA.

I'm inclined to think they might be better (understanding the caveat that we're just two games into the regular season). Josh Selby has yet to arrive and if (when?) he does, this team instantly gets better. They're got the front court play down with the Morris twins and the other big bodies on the team. Selby would push this team to another level.