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Oklahoma State Cowboys Vs. Kansas Jayhawks: Turner Gill's Keys To The Game

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Turner Gill talked to the media on Tuesday laying out his keys to KU's game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Gill always lays out what the Jayhawks need to do to win and, while I don't think they have much of a shot this week, his goals are spot on.

(Gill press conference audio is at

Scoring touchdowns: This goes without saying but KU didn't score a touchdown against Nebraska. Captain obvious statement: They can't win without scoring touchdowns.

Have ball security: KU just isn't good enough yet to overcome turnovers. To win, I think they need to plus two or more in the turnover department. Turner Gill says they need to...

Create three or more turnovers: If not more. KU will really have to be opportunistic against Oklahoma State to have a shot. Not only do they need to create turnovers, but they need to score off of them.

Tackle well: This goes without saying but they can't let any mistakes turn this game into a blowout, and against Oklahoma State, missed tackles would turn it into a blowout.

Bottomline, KU needs some help to win this one. They need to create turnovers and operate competently on offense. A performance from Quinn Mecham that rivals his fourth quarter against Colorado would help.