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Oklahoma State Cowboys Vs. Kansas Jayhawks: KU Football Is 24-Point Underdog

I've said before the Kansas Jayhawks are not expected to beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys in Lawrence, Kan. on Saturday. Vegas certainly agrees with me.

The early line on the game between these two teams is 24 points in favor of Oklahoma State. The over/under is 64 points. Vegas is freakishly accurate on these sorts of things so that gives you a good idea of just how big of a test this is for KU.

The Jayhawks will send out Quinn Mecham as the starting QB. He started the season as the No. 3 QB but has held onto the job since QB Jordan Webb went down with a shoulder injury. Mecham helping with the five touchdown comeback against Colorado doesn't hurt.

Turner Gill's keys to the game include scoring touchdowns and creating three or more turnovers. Hanging onto the ball will be critical in this game. KU simply can't afford to turn it over and give Oklahoma State easy points. In addition to that, KU needs to force turnovers AND turn those into points.

It's not impossible for Kansas but it's a very, very difficult test for them.