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Josh Selby Rumors Heating Up As Kansas Jayhawks Continue In Regular Season

Rumors surrounding the eligibility of Josh Selby are starting to heat up. From message boards to blog to talk radio, folks are predicting that Selby will soon be ruled eligible and able to play for the Kansas Jayhawks this season. We're not sure exactly where the rumors and reports originated but they're out there.

So if the rumors and reports are accurate, and Selby will soon be ruled eligible, what does that mean for KU?

It means they're going to get one hell of a player. OK, that part was obvious. But it does mean Selby will take on a larger role with the team. Before the regular season, KU head coach Bill Self said Selby's practice minutes would be decreasing because he needed the time for the players that were going to play.

It also means someone currently getting minutes will see their time decreased because we assume Selby will quickly be worked into the lineup. He's often thought of as a one-and-done type of player so KU will likely want to get as much out of him as possible.

If he's ruled eligible, we're curious how long it will take for him to get back into the lineup. He hasn't played in any games --exhibition or regular season -- so he may have to play some catch up.

Kansas' next two games are at home against North Texas (11/19) and Texas A&M Corpus Christi (11/23).