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Bill Self Calls Marcus Morris 'Best All-Around Player I've Coached Here, Maybe Ever'

Kansas Jayhawks basketball head coach had high praise for Marcus Morris speaking to reporters on Wednesday. Self was asked, "How good is Marcus Morris?"

"He's the best all-around player that I've coached since I've been here, maybe ever. All around -- I'm not saying he's the best player but there's no one I've coached that does more things. He's a guard, he can post, he can play his back to the basket, step up off the block, he can drive it, he's got great vision, he's got range. He's a good player.

"Now, that doesn't necessarily translate to 20 and 10 every night but he can impact the game i many ways. He's passing the ball, or certainly thinking the game bceause he's very bright. There's still somethings he doesn't do very well but I d othink from a total skill set, taking into consideration all the intangibles, I haven't been around anybody that can do more things."

It's not like KU haven't had any talent in recent years. That's some big praise.

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