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Josh Selby Eligibilty Question Is On 'No Specific Timeline', Bill Self Says

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self talked on Wednesday about freshman Josh Selby, who has yet to be cleared to play by the NCAA. As we have been the last few months...we wait.

Self said, once again on Wednesday, that there is no timeline on a decision.

"I do not know anything else. We're hopeful a decision comes down sooner rather than later but we have not been given a timeline based on my limited knowledge on anything -- no specific timeline at all."

Self also said KU basketball will get better when Selby is cleared.

"Josh is going to be good but Josh isn't going to be evaluated until January because he's going to be behind six or eight weeks and all freshman are coming in that haven't had any setbacks. I'm excited about it. Our team will get better and this team needs another guy that can go get his own shot on the perimmeter, and he can do that."

He says it's been more frustrating on Selby and his family because he just wants to fit in but it's also difficult for Self to figure out how to practice. If Selby isn't going to be cleared, they probably don't want to spend much more time on him. If he is going to be cleared, then they want to get him involved.

It's also interesting that he notes Selby won't be evaluated until January. He hasn't been a full member of the team yet so, like other freshman, he'll be given some leeway as he tries to fit in.

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