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Bill Self Talks Josh Selby, Calls Him 'Victim Of Circumstance'

Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self was told prior to Friday's game that freshman Josh Selby had been cleared to play. He calls it a "fair" ruling.

Here's his full reaction:

"I think it’s a fair ruling, yes I do," KU coach Bill Self said after Friday’s game. He learned of the NCAA’s decision before shootaround on Friday afternoon and told both Selby and Witherspoon at that time. "I think it’s a fair ruling because the rules are black and white — 30 percent of games (when impermissible benefits are over $1,000), and that’s 30 percent.

"It’s not one (ruling) that anyone is overly excited about, but it’s very fair and certainly understandable," Self added. "He is kind of a victim of circumstance, to be quite honest. We do have rules and it’s pretty clear how the rules read, but if you’re a 17-year-old out there and nobody tells you these things, you could easily get caught up in the same thing. Even though there was no ill intent by Josh and his family, we and they understand there are consequences if rules are violated.

"Hopefully he can be an example for other youngsters out there moving forward. He’s disappointed that it’s that many games, but he’s excited to know that he will be in a Kansas uniform before too long."

Self says "victim of circumstance" because the source of this problem is Selby's relationship with Robert "Bay" Frazier. The outside world sees him as Carmelo Anthony's business manager. The Selbys see him as an old family friend. So giving money, rides or clothes to Selby is now an NCAA violation. Whose at fault there? That's the victim of circumstance.