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Oklahoma State Cowboys Vs. Kansas Jayhawks: Blocked Punt Leads to 34-14 OSU Lead

The Kansas Jayhawks scored on the opening drive of the game and later in the first quarter but not much has gone right since then. The Oklahoma State Cowboys have tried to give the game away to KU with silly penalties but the Jayhawks won't take it, apparently.

Kansas is down 34-14 in the third quarter.

The latest score came on a blocked punt. An OSU defender got through Kansas' punt unit, blocked the punt and it was picked up and taken back for a touchdown. KU also had a blocked field goal so it hasn't been a great special teams day for KU.

OSU's Justin Blackmon and Josh Cooper have combined for 14 catches, 198 yards and one touchdown midway through the third quarter.

It would take a Colorado-esque comeback for KU at this point.