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Bill Self Discusses Kansas Jayhawks School-Record 63rd Straight Home Victory

The Kansas Jayhawks on Tuesday night set a new school-record with their 63rd consecutive home victory. Following the game, KU head coach Bill Self recognized the importance of the streak but didn't want his players to feel the extra pressure.

"We do not talk about that much, but it is nice to have. I am not going to down-play it. It was nice that the fans recognized the guys at the end, but that should not be something that is on our mind every time we play at home. We just need to go play. There is no extra pressure having the streak here."

Not surprisingly, a poll over at SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk currently says 84 percent of fans don't think Kansas will lose the streak this year. They haven't lost at home since 2007. The previous record spanned 1994-98.

Speaking of pressure, visiting teams to Allen Fieldhouse should know what that feels like. After the game, KU's Thomas Robinson talked briefly about the crowd.

"We love this crowd.  I don't see how anyone can come in here and be completely calm.  It feels like they are on top of you every second of the game, so I definitely think the crowd had something to do with it."

The Jayhawks moved to 4-0 with their 41-point victory over Texas A&M-CC on Tuesday night. Their next opportunity to extend the streak comes on Dec. 2 against UCLA.