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Kansas Jayhawks Are One Of Most Intelligent Teams, Texas A&M-CC Coach Says

The Kansas Jayhawks walked away from Allen Fieldhouse with a 41-point victory over Texas A&M-CC and their school-record 63rd consecutive home victory. The Jayhawks were impressive from start to finish on both offense and especially defense.

Following the game, Texas A&M-CC head coach Perry Clark says after the game that Kansas played much more aggressive defensively on Tuesday night. Clark goes onto say call KU one of the most intelligent teams at this stage of the game.

Coming in, I thought they were one of the most intelligent basketball teams I've seen play this early in the season in my career. They are so unselfish, they make the extra pass, and they know what they're doing at all times. If you push out at the shooters, they go over the top to the post. If you double the post, they kick it out to the shooters. They have a complete command of what it is that they're trying to do. Normally at this time of the year, you just don't see that. They're really playing well in the games I've seen on film and certainly tonight."

That's as much a nod to head coach Bill Self as anyone. Clark said Self "was a very good coach" in understanding what Texas A&M-CC wanted to do and taking it away.

It's another complete victory for Kansas.