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Kansas Athletic Director Hire Reportedly Coming In 'Next Week Or So'

The Kansas Jayhawks and athletic director Lew Perkins parted ways earlier this year and since then a search committee has been sifting through candidates to find the next AD of Kansas University. According to Sports By Brooks, that hire will be coming soon. The report states that the search committee is expected to conclude soon and a new hire will be made in the "next week or so."

The candidates?

That leaves current Tulsa Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham as the leading candidate for the job. I’ve also been told of two other candidates that Kansas now is targeting for the job: Illinois State Athletic Director Dr. Sheahon Zenger and Univ. of Central Florida Athletic Director Keith Tribble.

Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart was believed to be a candidate at one point as well but no longer is.

The Kansas AD job is an attractive one and is reportedly focused on fixing the football program. Cunningham and Zenger both have strong football backgrounds.

Earlier this year Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little suggested the search could go into the middle of the spring semester but a rep on the search committee has since suggested it could be done before the end of December. It's looking like it will be the latter.