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Kansas Beats Colorado, 52-45: Good, Bad And Ugly

The Kansas Jayhawks beat the Colorado Buffaloes 52-45 on Saturday staging an incredible 35-point scoring spree in the fourth quarter for the comeback win. There were a lot of things to hate in the first three quarters for KU and tons of things to love in the last quarter.


Biggest comeback in school history. That's the story here. Kansas was down 45-17 in the fourth quarter and came back to win 52-45. I love how KU's players didn't give up and went for blood went Colorado was making mistakes. Great, great performance.

QB Quinn Mecham. 23-of-28 for 252 yards and two touchdowns. If you can complete passes at a high rate like this, then you can be a good QB. Mecham didn't look like the third string QB.


RB Rodney Stewart goes off. Stewart had 175 yards on 27 carries just consistently beating Kansas. He added three touchdowns.


Defense for three quarters. The whole thing. Nothing looked very good for the first 46 minutes of the game. QB Cody Hawkins was terrific for the majority of the day throwing for three touchdown passes.. Stewart had over 200 yards of offense himself. KU just got beat in the first three quarters.