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Kansas Jayhawks Staging Late Rally Against Colorado Buffaloes

Maybe the Kansas Jayhawks have some fight left in them after all.

The Jayhawks are down 45-38 to the Colorado Buffaloes midway through the fourth quarter. What's impressive is where they're coming from. KU was down 45-17 at the beginning of the fourth quarter scoring three touchdowns to bring it to seven.

Quinn Mecham threw one TD pass in the fourth quarter and KU recovered another TD. Mecham is having an efficient day completing 20-of-25 passes for 202 yards and two TDs (and a pair of picks). James Sims also tacked on his second TD of the day in the fourth quarter.

The Jayhawks are down seven late in the fourth all of a sudden making this interesting. If they can tie it, it would be a 28-point comeback.