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Colorado Fans: 'Epic Collapse' Against Kansas Jayhawks

Is there any other way to describe what happened in Lawrence, Kan. today? The Colorado Buffaloes blew a 45-17 fourth quarter lead as the Kansas Jayhawks put up 35 unanswered points for the 52-45 victory. Incredible.

Colorado fans over at SB Nation Denver write that is an "epic collapse" against Kansas.

Colorado has now lost 16 straight road games, not winning since November of 2007. This lost to Kansas could be the absolute worst of all. Athletic Director Mike Bohn will now be forced to decide if he wants to wait until the end of the season before firing current head coach Dan Hawkins, or if this was a terrible enough display to fire him this week.

With the kind of season Kansas is having, I think Colorado fans should be upset. That was an awful fourth quarter against a team that, frankly, had no business coming back against Colorado. This one has to hurt Colorado who continues to go on winless in the Big 12.

For Kansas, it's a significant victory because, well, they're not in as bad of a situation as Colorado now.