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Colorado's Dan Hawkins On Kansas Comeback: 'We Haven't Been In That Positive Very Much'

The Kansas Jayhawks put up an incredible 35 points in the fourth quarter to beat the Colorado Buffaloes on Saturday in Lawrence, Kan. The game was simply amazing as no one thought Kansas would win by the end of the third quarter. In fact, I would have bet a lot of money they'd lose.

But I was wrong. KU put up a school record come back and make Turner Gill look very good.

Here's what people are saying about the game.

Colorado loses, giving up 35 to Kansas in fourth quarter - The Denver Post
On his postgame radio show on 850 KOA, Colorado coach Dan Hawkins was short and cut off the interview. "Tough. Just gotta learn to finish," Hawkins said. "We haven't been in that position very much."

Kansas pulls another shocker - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
If Turner Gill can keep these flashes going that Kansas keeps showing, such as the halftime lead against Iowa State last week or the convincing win against Georgia Tech, he can officially get this rebuilding project under way. Wins like these are what you build programs on. One building block at a time; make the players believe.

Jayhawk report -
Coaching: A. In the same game, Turner Gill’s team looked spectacularly bad and spectacularly good. But the Jayhawks needed a win, and they got one, which is all that matters. Gill showed more emotion on the sideline and said he was sticking up for his players with the referees. Those are positive steps.

Miracle on Mount Oread: KU stuns Buffs in comeback -
Gill would not let the Jayhawks think that. KU’s locker room remained a positive place, and Gill actually uttered the words "Get ready for the biggest comeback ever." "He said that," Johnson said. "I lie to you not." Gill said it, but nobody else seemed to believe it. Colorado built a 45-17 lead on the first play of the fourth quarter.

Bohn: Decision on Hawkins' future looms - Boulder Daily Camera
All indications are that Hawkins will be fired at the end of the season, if not sooner, and sooner is suddenly a real possibility after the Buffs' epic collapse at Kansas. CU led by 28 points in the fourth quarter, but gave up 35 unanswered points to fall 52-45 to the Jayhawks. Kansas, like CU, was winless in Big 12 play heading into the game.

Which Is Worse: Colorado Buffaloes Collapse Against Kansas Jayhawks Or Denver Broncos Home Loss To Raiders? - Mile High Buzz - SB Nation Denver
Which is the worse loss: the Buffaloes' debacle today against Kansas or the Broncos' 45-point home loss to the Raiders. In the former, the Jayhawks scored 35 points in the fourth quarter to overcome a 28-point deficit. In the latter, the Broncos saw the Oakland Raiders score 24 points in the first quarter and then 21 points in the third quarter.